Karratha Earthmoving is a supplier of innovative and sustainable earthworks and roadworks products using conventional and recycled materials. Products we supply include:

  • Asphalt (RAP)
  • Spray seal
  • Concrete recycled roadbase
  • Cold mix
  • Quarry products
  • Recycled glass sand

Utilising our affiliate companies of Karratha Environmental Crushing and MPS Karratha Asphalt we are able to provide a single, one-stop solution for our clients’ earthworks, civil and road building requirements. Our recycled products include:

Recycled Concrete

Roadbase Demolished concrete is a valuable resource. Karratha Earthmoving utilises an affiliate company to provide a recycled concrete roadbase material that is ideal for various construction applications. Recycled concrete roadbase reduces the overall quantity of demolished concrete going into Australian land fill. Our recycled concrete roadbase is properly graded, binds and compacts well, and can be worked in wet conditions to reduce downtime.

We recommend this product for use in applications including sub-base or base course layer for carparks or roadways, sub-base layer under concrete footpaths or driveways, or under brick landscape paving, and as compacted layers for building pads. The result will be a material with a high beam strength, that is resistant to wear and impervious to water – no expanding or shrinking as with a clay base gravel. Its relatively low density also means lower purchase and transport costs.

Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP)

Our partner company, MPS Karratha Asphalt, recycles deteriorated asphalt road materials to create an asphalt containing RAP, or recycled asphalt products. Asphalt can be recycled by removing old roadway or other asphalt structure, pulverising it, and mixing it with new asphalt at the MPS purpose-built plant.

Karratha Earthmoving then lays, compacts and seals this more sustainable product for the client. Because the product still contains the original oils, the heat from the sun releases these oils and binders to help melt the gravel into one uniform piece of roadway after installation. This process involves no heat and less compacting, with the outcome being savings on energy and significantly less dust than using ordinary gravel or dirt.

Recycled Glass Sand

Karratha Earthmoving recycles glass, crushing it to create for sand and other roadbase products. Glass is made from soda ash, sand and limestone. It is capable of being recycled an infinite number of times. When glass is used to make sand, it does not go into landfills, so landfill space is conserved.

The crushed recycled product, known as cullet, has been proven as a successful sand substitute. It can be used in a number of applications including, concrete items, landscaping, bedding and backfill, aggregate base for roads, and in an asphalt-blend for road surfacing.

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